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CORE Alberta News - March 2, 2023

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Thank you for being a part of the CORE Alberta community! March has some important events: International Women's Day is March 8 and Social Prescribing Day is March 9!

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Social Prescribing Day - MARCH 9

Social Prescribing is a person-centered and holistic approach to bridging health and social models of well-being through creating formal referral pathways from a healthcare provider into community-based services. By working together and with other systems, such as health and housing, we can ensure that older adults have the support they need to age on their terms in communities across Alberta.

Healthy Aging Alberta will be developing a provincial social prescribing model for older adults over the next three years, including six regional projects and capacity building for a provincial approach to social prescribing. We have begun regional projects in Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge and tools and resources developed through this provincial model will be available to organizations interested in implementing a social prescribing program in their community.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, or would like to connect with a Social Prescribing Network Coordinator in Calgary, Edmonton or Lethbridge, please contact Beth Mansell: beth.mansell@healthyagingalberta.ca.

Make sure to join our new Social Prescribing Group on CORE Alberta and join local and national events on March 9:

Social Prescribing for Older Adults in Alberta | Healthy Aging Alberta 

March 9 | 10 – 11 a.m. | Online

Celebrating Social Prescribing: A Virtual Tour Across Canada | Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing 

March 9 | 11 a.m. – 12 p.m | Online

Here are some additional resources about Social Prescribing:

WEBINAR: Connectedness, Purpose, and Belonging - the Role of Social Prescribing in Integrating Health Care and Social Supports | May 4, 2020 Recording

Social Prescribing: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare | Mosaic

What is Social Prescribing? | Alliance for Healthier Communities

Social Prescribing: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Social Care McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Social Prescribing: Creating Pathways Towards Better Health and Wellness | Geriatrics Healthcare Professionals

A group of happy women celebrate International Women's Day together

International Women's Day - MARCH 8

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 around the world. This day recognizes the advancements and action driving gender parity, celebrates achievements of women, and provides space for collaboration and advocacy on continuing issues. This year the theme is #EmbraceEquity. What does a gender equal province look like to you? When reflecting these themes back to your organization this month, we can all stop and take a moment to think about how we are upholding intersectional gender empowerment, providing space and equitable systems for marginalized genders, and how we can create a province that is more equitable, diverse, and inclusive for older Albertans. 

Resources for building organizational capacity: 

Forging Inclusive Work Cultures | International Women’s Day 

Women in the Workplace Study 2022 Lean In and McKinsey and Company 

Women’s Hub: Resource Directory | Government of Alberta 

Gender Bias in the Workplace Cards | Lean In 

Alberta Resources | IWD Events

How Can CORE Alberta Support Your Work?

We are always happy to talk to organizations and groups about the vision for

CORE Alberta and efforts to create a coordinated CBSS sector. 

If there are important topics you would like more information on or possibilities you would like to explore, please connect with us.

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