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Starting February 24 community seniors 75+ are able to book vaccine appointments. Seniors who are 74 turning 75 are eligible to book. Vaccinations can be booked at one of the 58 AHS sites for first and second doses by contacting Health Link at 811 or through the online booking system at
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Starting Feb. 24, Albertans aged 75 and older will be able to book their vaccination appointment at more than 100 participating community pharmacies in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. Appointments will start the first week of March.This is in addition to the online booking tool and Health Link 811
CORE Alberta
Starting tomorrow February 24 at 8:00 a.m., community seniors 75+ will be able to book vaccine appointments. In anticipation of this, here are some key pieces of information to help you support the seniors you serve: Seniors who are 74 turning 75 are eligible to book. Vaccinations can be booked for
Microsoft founder Bill Gates did not create the virus that causes COVID-19 and he is not forcing microchips into your body through vaccinations. Those pieces of misinformation are examples of what a group of Canadian scientists and health professionals is trying to discredit through a new campaign
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Since the abolishment of the Seniors Advocate, seniors-serving organizations have seen a surge in calls, requests and complaints from seniors and their caregivers. Seniors and senior-serving organizations are without a resource for fielding complaints and accessing much needed information
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The benefit of increased home-care investment in Canada is getting long-overdue attention, now that COVID-19 has torn through long-term care homes, killing thousands of residents and exposing lethal weaknesses in the system, said Dr. Samir Sinha, director of health policy research at the NIA. "Long
The Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North (CTAAN) has officially embarked on a collaborative journey to pave the way for technology to support aging and this is just one way that we aim to provide insights into technology and aging, highlight research activities, opportunities to
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Starting Feb. 19, Alberta Health Services will offer the vaccine directly to all residents in retirement centres, lodges, supportive living and other congregate living facilities with residents who are aged 75 or older. Starting Feb. 24, any Albertan living in the community who was born in 1946 or
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Less than a week after announcing new deals for additional doses of approved coronavirus vaccines, the federal government has unveiled its new expected vaccination timeline — which includes millions of additional vaccinations between April and September. Thirteen million people were expected to be
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Like most things during the pandemic, non-profit insurance coverage has become increasingly complex due to the exponential growth in the risks associated with providing services in community, in particular to vulnerable populations such as seniors. In an effort to ensure that the community-based