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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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NIA Launches New Online Calculator to Quickly Assess COVID-19 Risk When Gathering with Others

National Institute on Ageing

As Canada takes steps to safely reopen, the NIA has launched a new online tool to help individuals and families quickly assess their risk of exposure to COVID-19 when meeting or gathering with others. This free short online risk calculator, called My COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator, takes approximat

After the Shot: Guidance Supporting the Re-opening of Canada’s LTC Homes Following COVID-19 Vaccination

National Institute on Ageing

Long-Term Care (LTC) and retirement home settings were the epicenters of Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic first and second waves. To date, over 15,200 residents and 30 staff within these settings have died of COVID-19, accounting for 59% of Canada’s overall COVID-19 deaths. Recognizing the disproporti

Maintaining social connections while benefiting from physical activity

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Maintaining meaningful relationships and social interactions and engaging in the community is one of the key themes of successful aging. But in the past year, over one-third of Canadians aged 65 and older have expressed that there had been a negative impact on their mental health since the beginning

Loneliness is strongly linked to depression among older adults, a long term study suggests

National Institute for Health Research

Depression is a major public health problem that is growing worldwide. The causes are complex and vary from person to person. However, new research estimates that up to one in five cases of depression among older adults could be prevented by reducing loneliness. The study therefore has important pub

Facilitating (and Leading) “From the Chair”

Curtis Ogden, Nonprofit Quarterly

One of the questions that often comes up in our popular workshop, Facilitative Leadership for Social Change, goes something like this, “It’s great that I’m learning all of these practical leadership and facilitation skills, but what happens when I’m not the one leading or facilitating?” Ho

Who Decides? Mapping Power and Decision Making in Nonprofits

Jon Huggett and Caitrin Moran, Nonprofit Quarterly

Editors’ note: This article, which comes from the fall 2008 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly, “Working Nonprofit Style,” discusses tools to improve organizational decision making. These tools can identify who should make critical decisions and how participants should make them. The authors

Building a Culture of Accountability

Piper Anderson, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Last summer, institutions across sectors were called to account for their failure to address systemic racism. Many organizational leaders addressed the backlash by requesting trainings and consultations from professionals like myself in the field of racial equity. Unfortunately, many of these same

RECORDING - Community-Based Seniors Serving Sector Initiative - Community Activation Sessions

Community-Based Seniors Serving Sector Initiative

Watch a recording of the session and review the session slide deck.  Throughout May and June 2021, community-based seniors serving sector staff and volunteers and allied systems partners were invited to attend these sessions to learn more about the work of and participate in the exciting futur

OpportuNext Online Career Transition Tool

The Conference Board of Canada

A new solution for a changing job market. Switching careers can be hard—but what if there were an easier way to identify, assess, and pursue new opportunities? The Conference Board of Canada and the Future Skills Centre are excited to launch a free online tool designed to help job placement profe


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