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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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A New Path to Boost BIPOC Business: The Community Navigator Approach

Gary Cunningham, Nonprofit Quarterly

Connectivity is critical in helping businesses thrive throughout the business lifecycle—from launch, to sustained growth, to potentially selling the business down the line. A strong ecosystem builds connections, closes gaps to access, strengthens businesses, and builds sustainable wealth in commun

Rethinking Resources: Making Social Values Visible in Manager Education

Elizabeth A. Castillo, Nonprofit Quarterly

A significant share of NPQ readers have roles that involve management of some sort. But what is management? Judging by the syllabi of most resource management courses, a reasonable surmise might be that management is about how to deal with money, cash flow, and organizational sustainability. Certai

Harnessing the potential of technology to strengthen the long-term care sector (part 1)

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

The Bottom Line The COVID-19 pandemic has affected those in long-term care homes in Canada more than others. Making greater use of technology has been identified as a potential solution to help address some of the biggest problems in long-term care and to improve the health and well-being of res

Five Partnership Challenges - ONE Solution!

JS Daw & Associates

Everyone talks about partnering but talking is very different than doing. Partnering is a new way of working and it can take time to realize that partnering requires a paradigm shift in how you work and adaptations in attitudes and behaviours. Challenges abound but naming them can help in taming the

Rethinking Virtual Partnerships

JS Daw & Associates

Working in collaboration can be difficult, even when you're all in the same room, but how do you work with partners across multiple venues, technology barriers and even time zones? Replay the webinar with Partnership Brokers Association Catherine Russ. In it she shares her belief that it is entirel

Nonprofits amid COVID: The Fundamental Value of Radical Responsiveness

Zanita Tisdale, Chelsea Emelie Kelly, Monica Weigel McCarthy, Cassidy L. Jones and Joe Luesse, Nonprofit Quarterly

A food bank and an arts nonprofit may seem to have little in common. But both nonprofits had to respond similarly to COVID-19, leading to unexpected successes and profound changes. READ MORE HERE

How assistive devices can help older adults live more autonomously

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

In Canada, 1.1 million older adults use assistive technology to compensate for physical or cognitive limitations. However, despite the potential benefits of these technologies, there are some older adults who remain reluctant to use them. They may fear being stigmatized or discriminated against, fee

Challenging Discrimination through Community Conversations

Centre for Race and Culture

“Challenging Discrimination through Community Conversations” is an ongoing series of online moderated round-tables with guest speakers from diverse communities, organizations, academia and the general public, which seeks to understand and address experiences of discrimination and exclusion in th

AgeTech Future of Technology and Aging in Canada Consultation Results Video


Earlier this year, AGE-WELL held a series of nationwide virtual consultations with industry, government, and community stakeholders including older adults and caregivers, to hear what Canadians think about technology and aging. We heard from individuals from coast to coast to coast and one thing was


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