Rural Mental Health Project Recruiting Community Animators

Rural Mental Health Project
Description / Summary

The Rural Mental Health Project (RMHP) is currently recruiting for a new cohort of training

If you are interested in becoming a Community Animator or supporting an Animator in your community, you can email Animators are facilitative leaders who create and inspire the conditions for community empowerment through relationship building and hosting exploratory conversations. They are not required to be experts or coordinators. Training is provided to increase the Animators' understanding of topics such as mental health, mental illness, and mentally healthy communities so that Animators have the tools to support community groups.

An Expression of Interest Form on the RMHP website can also be completed to train or connect with this work. View their interactive map to find contact information for all participating communities. Engaging with RMHP may be one avenue for community-based senior serving organizations to find the training and resources to support older adults with mental health issues.