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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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[Report] The role of faith-based organisations in developing age-friendly communities

Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG)

Faith-based spaces are important community assets. They are a critical form of social infrastructure and often already provide important services to older people.

[Resource] LGBT2SQ Seniors: An evidence review and practical guide designed for healthcare providers and researchers

Sherbourne Health/Rainbow Health Ontario

Click HERE to download the PDF resourceSUMMARYTo provide inclusive, affirming services, and welcoming health care to LGBT2SQ seniors, healthcare and social service providers should appreciate that not all seniors are heterosexual and cisgender. As they approach their twilight years, LGBT2SQ seniors

[Website] LGBT end-of-life conversations website (SFU Gerontology)

SFU Gerontology

Click HERE to learn moreTheir mission at LGBT End-of-Life Conversations is to foster effective communication, create community, and facilitate care for LGBT persons at the end-of-life. They aim to raise awareness about the unique challenges this population faces as they age and approach end-of

[Recording] CORE Group Event: IG Café ~ What’s happening in the schools? What to do over the Summer!

Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice

What’s happening in the schools? What to do over the Summer!

NRC AGE Questionnaire

Design for Public Health Lab- Carlton University

Survey looking for responses from residents of Canada who are 65+ years old and have travelled by air in the last 5 years.

[Resource] Household Food Insecurity: Actions in the Community

Alberta Health Services

In Alberta, 1 in 5 households experience food insecurity. This is a serious public health issue that negatively affects physical, mental, social wellbeing, and society as a whole.The following resources can guide understanding of household food insecurity in the Canadian health and social context, i

[Video] CALHN Video Resources for Seniors leading up to Surgery

Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN)

a series of short animated videos that can be used for a variety of topics preparing older adults leading up to surgery.

[Article] Racialized Homelessness: A Review of Historical and Contemporary Causes of Racial Disparities in Homelessness

Matthew Z. Fowl- Taylor and Francis Online

What are the primary drivers of this severe racial concentration of homelessness?

Social Prescribing Referral Form Example - Edmonton

Healthy Aging Alberta

These are the referral forms being used in the Phase 1 Regional Projects.


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