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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Covid-19 Anti-Racism Incident Reporting Center

Action! Chinese Canadians Together

ACCT is providing an opportunity for community members to report incidences of racism due to COVID-19. The data collected will help identify trends (new and recurring) and will be used to inform policy, service and future anti-racism initiatives.

COVID-19 Skill Share & Volunteer

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Do you have staff whose time and skills are currently under-utilized? Their skills may be exactly what charitable organizations need right now. Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations is encouraging business owners and managers to consider dedicating some portion of their staff's time to help a

Tools to host an online event

Travel Alberta

Online events, which can include virtual tours, live music, speakers, performances, panel discussions, webinars and more, provide ways to engage with new and existing audiences. Travel Alberta shares four simple tools to help host a successful online event.

VIDEO: Ten steps to screening volunteers

Volunteer Alberta

Volunteer Alberta offers a video on the ten steps to screening and hiring volunteers.

Volunteer Alberta: Community learning opportunities

Volunteer Alberta

Volunteer Alberta provides links to their organizations across Alberta that offer various learning opportunities for their members.

BLOG POSTS: Elder abuse in a COVID-19 era

McMaster University

Through its Optimal Aging Portal, McMaster University shares several blog posts on the topic of elder abuse.

EDITORIAL: Risk of increased physical inactivity during COVID-19 outbreak in older people – a call for actions

The American Geriatrics Society

Given the lack of available evidence-based treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, public health actions are of the utmost importance, with social distancing being recommended for infection control. Despite the latter’s positive effects on disease spread, the potential increase in sedentary behavio

Rehabilitation Advice Line

Alberta Health Services

The Rehabilitation Advice Line is a telephone service which provides free rehabilitation advice and general health information for Albertans. Alberta Wide Tollfree 1-833-379-0563 The service provides information on: Activities and exercises that help with physical concerns Strategies to manag

Remote work trends to guide high performance during COVID-19


COVID-19 has created what Time magazine called "the world's largest work-from-home experiment." It's teaching leaders who weren't on board with off-site work that operations can be just as productive as ever -- though it takes time and patience to reorient managers to get high performance from a rem


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