There is a wide variety of useful and relevant resources available to individuals and organizations focused on healthy aging. Currently, we are focusing on supports that will help seniors serving organizations continue their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources included on CORE have been vetted to ensure they are relevant, current, and reflective of best practice.

Ministry of Seniors and Housing

Rural Development Network & Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

The Do More Agricultural Foundation

University of Toronto's Institute for Life Course and Aging

Tamarack Institute and Suncor

Amy Costello and Frederica Boswell, Nonprofit Quarterly

Alberta Seniors and Housing

Alberta Blue Cross, Injury Prevention Centre

Denise Campbell-Scherer, Yvonne Chiu, Nicole Naadu Ofosu, Thea Luig, Karen Heather Hunter, Badi Jabbour, Sauleha Farooq, Ali Mahdi, Aline Gayawira, Fransiska Awasis, Funke Olokude, Hannah Goa, Hina Syed, Judy Sillito, Lydia Yip, Lyn Belle, et al

Riley Gibson, Fast Company

University of Calgary, The School of Public Policy

Jeanne Bell, Karen Graham and Francis Johnson, Nonprofit Quarterly

ABC Life Literacy Canada

Government of Canada