RECORDING - CORE Target Seniors Falls Prevention Series, Session 2: Screening for Frailty and Falls in Community & Collaborative Community Falls Prevention Programs

CORE Alberta
Description / Summary

You can access the recording HERE.

Please find the slide decks shared during the event attached. 

The CORE Falls Prevention Group hosted the second session of their Target Seniors Falls Prevention Series on June 15, 2022 with a range of guest speakers! We first had a presentation that focused on screening for frailty and falls in the community and why it is so important in falls prevention and community care. We then had a panel of guest speakers including community recreation therapists and PCN exercise specialists that shared the exciting collaborative community falls prevention programs that are happening in rural communities in central zone. 

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Additional resources and information shared during the event:

About the host: The CORE Falls Prevention Group is a network of like-minded professionals that work together to raise awareness and champion falls prevention. By working together collectively professionals serving seniors across the province can reduce the cost of falls and have positive impacts in their communities. Please join the group to stay in the loop!

About the series: This event is part of the CORE Target Seniors Falls Prevention Series. Learn more about the series here