RECORDING - CORE Frailty Series Session 3: Ageism, Stigma, and Assumptions around Frailty

CORE Alberta
Description / Summary

You can access the recording HERE.

The CORE Elder Abuse Group hosted a session on January 18, 2022 featuring Donna Wilson, RN, PhD, who presented on the themes of ageism, stigma, and assumptions around frailty.

The resources mentioned within the session can be found below and attached as a FILE: 

  • Presentation slides are attached
  • PDF that compiles all of the resources referenced in the presentation (also available on individual slides in the PPT)

About the host: The CORE Elder Abuse Group connects individuals, organizations, and agencies to develop strategies to address elder abuse. With more than 50 members, this group invites you to join the momentum!

About the series: This event is part of the CORE Frailty Series. Check out the other recordings in the series HERE