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Creating the Conditions for Resilient Communities: A Public Health Approach to Emergencies

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The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's report on the state of public health in Canada in 2023 – Creating the Conditions for Resilient Populations: A Public Health Approach to Emergencies.

The impacts of emergencies are not the same for everyone. Some populations are at greater risk of exposure and poor health outcomes because of pre-existing social, economic, environmental, or health inequities, including those related to racism, discrimination, and colonization. For example, people experiencing homelessness, populations that are racialized, and people living with mental health conditions or substance use disorders experienced more negative health impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, with worse outcomes for those facing multiple and overlapping barriers to good health.

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  • By

    Public Health Agency of Canada

  • Published

    Nov 13, 2023

  • Subject Area
    • Mental Health and Wellness
    • Safety, Security, Finances, & Personal Planning
    • Social Connectedness / Social Isolation
    • Caregiving & Caregiver Support
    • General Health and Wellness
  • Audience
    • Government (Politicians, Policy Makers) and Health Authorities
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Government
    • Caregivers, Seniors & Volunteers
    • Health Authorities
  • Category
    • Best Practices
    • Evidence-based & emerging practices
    • Research & Reports
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