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[Participation Opportunity] "Combatting Ageism Together: Your Stories, Our Advocacy."

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At the National Pensioners Federation (NPF), we are committed to combating ageism and creating a more inclusive society for seniors across Canada. Your voice and experiences are crucial in raising awareness about age-related bias and discrimination, fostering empathy, and empowering us to drive meaningful change. Introducing NPF STORIES, a platform for sharing your experiences related to ageism. We invite you to participate in our campaign, "Combatting Ageism Together: Your Stories, Our Advocacy."


Here are multiple ways you can get involved:


Option 1: Fill Out the Survey. Share your experiences and insights by taking our ageism survey. Your valuable input will help us better understand your issues and advocate on your behalf.


Option 2: Share Your Story Online Visit our website, NPFSTORIES.Com, and submit your personal experiences with ageism. Your story will inspire others and contribute to a more inclusive society.


Connect with Us: To share your story, please contact us via:

Email: amy.mcquaid@npfmail.com Phone: 905-442-4497 Website: NPFSTORIES.Com


As an organization with 350 senior chapters across Canada, representing 1 million seniors, NPF is dedicated to promoting the welfare of older adults. We advocate for dignity, independence, and financial security through education and public engagement on various issues, including pensions, housing, healthcare, democracy, social programs, elder abuse, technology access, and transportation.

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  • Date

    Apr 03, 2024

  • By

    National Pensioners Federation


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