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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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What Non-Profits Can Expect in 2024 and how to be better Prepared

Charity Village

What Non-Profits Can Expect in 2024 and how to be better Prepared

[Report] Canada's Food Price Report 2024

Dalhousie University

Food affordability remains a top concern for Canadians. Canada’s Food Price Report 2024 forecasts that overall food prices will increase by 2.5% to 4.5%.

[Resource] Non-drug strategies to reduce frailty

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Click HERE to access this resource Non-drug strategies to reduce frailtyDec 20, 2023 - McMaster University -The Bottom LineFrailty can lead to a host of health conditions and injuries, and impact quality of life.Non-drug options, such as physical activity, multicomponent strategies, and nutrition-re

[Report] Seniors Connected Outreach

Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

Seniors Coordinated Outreach was a collaboration of 26 organizations to redesign how outreach services are delivered across Edmonton

[Resource] Meanings of Aging in the Right Place for Older Clients of a Temporary Housing Program

SFU Aging in the Right Place

Click HERE to read the Full ArticleAbstractBackground and ObjectivesThe concept of aging in place is acknowledged as the preference of older adults, yet without consideration of the intersections of diversity in later life is critiqued as unattainable, unrealistic, or even undesirable. This gave ris

Article: Is Your City Planned for All Citizens as They Age? Selecting the Indicators to Measure Neighbourhoods’ Age-Friendliness in the Urban Planning Field

Silvia Urra-Uriarte et al.

The goal of this work was to develop a collection of indicators that can assist urban planners in meeting the unique needs of older individuals within their community and evaluating the age-friendliness of various neighbourhoods.ABSTRACT In many countries, urban population ageing trends are a recogn

RECORDING: CORE 101 – An Introduction to Healthy Aging CORE Alberta (December 2023)

Healthy Aging Alberta

In this introductory session, the Healthy Aging CORE Alberta team provided a general overview of the CORE Alberta platform, its linkages to the vision of Healthy Aging Alberta, how it can be used in the work of the Community-Based Seniors Serving (CBSS) sector and its allies, and the benefits of the

Canadian Social Survey Results: Quality of Life, Virtual Health Care and Trust, 2023

Statistics Canada

Relationships with family, friends and neighbours are essential in developing a strong sense of identity, belonging and personal safety. Similarly, trust in family and friends and in societal institutions can be important to building and maintaining social ties. Trust is associated with higher levels of reciprocity and cooperation between individuals, and can facilitate the flow of information and transactions. This, in turn, can affect the overall performance of the economy.

Study: Food insecurity among Canadian families, 2022

Statistics Canada

With the cost of living continuing to rise, spending more to buy less food is a reality for an increasing share of Canadian families. Released today, the study "Food insecurity among Canadian families" offers insight into families most at risk of food insecurity, looking at those below and above the poverty line. It also examines the possible role of assets and debt in food insecurity.


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