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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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[Resource] Transformative Research Toolkit

Othering and Belonging Institute Berkeley

Transformative Research ToolkitWe have seen and participated in transformative research strategies that defeated proposed jail expansions, won millions of dollars for community-prioritized programs, and built new community-led organizations that changed a political landscape, among many other achi

[Webinar] Social prescribing: The Value of a Holistic Patient Navigation Support on Equity


"Undesirable social determinants of health (such as wealth, language and/or sociocultural barriers, living in minority situations, etc) lead to higher risks of poor health outcomes and impede access to services and resources that can address or counteract their effect. Social prescribing, is an appr

[Article] City arranges low-impact sports for its senior citizens

Nadine Robinson

This article describes a lively event at the Northern Community Centre where seniors from Great Northern Retirement Home engage in adaptive sports activities. This event was organized by the City of Sault Ste. Marie, as a trial run for future programming for seniors across the community. Participant

[Webinar Recording] Immigrant Senior Sector Connections CORE Group- March 27, 2024 Interagency Meeting

Immigrant Senior Sector Connections CORE Group

This Group aims to increase collaboration and connection among service providers who work with immigrant and refugee seniors in Alberta. The March 27, 2024, session discussed Settlement supports, Employment Supports, and Health and Wellness supports.

[Resource] The Nova Scotia Housing Isolation Program builds holistic supports for underhoused populations through unlikely community partnerships


Health services designed specifically for under-housed and precariously housed populations were not abundant in Nova Scotia prior to COVID-19. For public health practitioners in Nova Scotia (NS), our work around affordable housing, homelessness, and poverty-focused primarily on the policy level, whe

[Podcast] Season 2- Mind the Disruption Podcast


Season 2Social Movements for Social JusticeWelcome back! In the second season of Mind the Disruption, we explore social movements for social justice: groups of people working together to build collective power for change.In each episode, you’ll hear from someone – a disruptor - who works with ot

[Resource] The State of Caregiving in Canada (2012 v 2018): Workload intensifies and well-being declines

University of Alberta, Caregivers Alberta, AGEwell, Vanier

The State of Caregiving in Canada (2012 v 2018): Workload intensifies and well-being declines

[Podcast] Looking after children and aging parents

CBC News- Alberta at Noon with Judy Aldous

Looking after children and aging parents

Technology and Digital Resource Roundup

CORE Canada

Technology and Digital Resource Roundup


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