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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Creating the Conditions for Resilient Communities: A Public Health Approach to Emergencies

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada's report on the state of public health in Canada in 2023 – Creating the Conditions for Resilient Populations: A Public Health Approach to Emergencies.The impacts of emergencies are not the same for everyone. Some populations are at greater risk of exposure

Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day Links and Resources

Healthy Aging Alberta

Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day Links and Resources

RECORDING: Intergenerational Café ~ Ethical Wills

CORE Alberta Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice

Carol Kodish-Butt visited the November 8th Intergenerational Café to share her knowledge and experience of Ethical Wills. These are a way to tell our stories and share lessons we’ve learned. Carol is exploring the possibilities of using this process to help generations understand each other and s

Planning for Lifelong Care: Guiding Questions for Transgender & Non-Binary People to Plan for Dementia and Other Serious Illness

Transgender Law Centre

Guiding questions for Transgender & Non-binary people to plan for dementia and other serious illness

Finding Balance - Resource Catalogue

Finding Balance Alberta

The Finding Balance resources have been designed with simplicity and readability in mind. These resources focus on staying independent and preventing falls. Explore their free catalogue and view resources that can be ordered.READ MORE HERE

Poll: Preparedness for Older Adults and Those With Diverse Needs

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

This poll looks at local efforts to build resilience with older adults (over 65) and those with diverse needs* living in Alberta. The poll is open to community leaders with an interest in fostering disaster-resilient communities, including: Community groups that work with seniors and those with div

Enabling Aging in Place

Healthcare Excellence Canada

Enabling Aging in Place will bring together health and social service organizations from across the healthcare continuum to implement promising practices that are delaying entry to long-term care and improving safety, health and quality of life outcomes, while also reducing emergency department visi

Social Prescribing: Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy Aging Alberta

Do you have burning questions about social prescribing or Healthy Aging Alberta's Social Prescribing for Older Adults program? This document should give you answers to everything you might need to know!Did we miss a question? Send it to Beth Mansell, Provincial Social Prescribing Project Manager - b

Healthy Aging Framework Primer

Healthy Aging Alberta

The Healthy Aging Framework (HAF) is essentially a way to organize, assess, and communicate the work of diverse organizations so that we might better understand the collective impact we have – or could have – on healthy aging in Alberta.


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