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[Toolkit] Promoting Welcoming Communities

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Welcoming Communities Toolkit II - Pathways to Prosperity is pleased to announce the launch of our second Welcoming Communities Toolkit – Promoting Welcoming Communities: A Toolkit for Communities and Those Who Support Them. This toolkit features a variety of practices and programs that can be used to address and improve each of the characteristics of a welcoming community, as identified in Toolkit I: Measuring Welcoming Communities. Our goal is to mobilize and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information related to each characteristic of a welcoming community for those who are looking to improve their practices or develop new ones. This sharing of knowledge creates efficiencies for those supporting newcomers, as they can learn from each other’s experiences and expertise, building on both individual and collective success.

The current release includes the main guidebook and tools containing practices related to three characteristics of a welcoming community: Access to Affordable, Adequate, and Suitable HousingAccess to Transportation; and Positive Indigenous-Immigrant Relations and Understanding. Each tool provides an overview of the characteristic and details of relevant practices that can support it.

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  • By

    Pathways to Prosperity Partnership Canada

  • Published

    Jul 03, 2024

  • Subject Area
    • Age-friendly Communities
  • Audience
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Government (Politicians, Policy Makers) and Health Authorities
  • Category
    • Toolkits


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