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The Age of Rage: 2023 Environmental Scan

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Commissioned by the Calgary Foundation, this seventh annual scan looks at a wide range of contemporary and emerging issues, locally, provincially, nationally, and beyond, adding context to current events, and illuminating undercurrents and ‘sleeper’ trends. In addition to regular updates on economics, politics, civil society, climate change and technology, the 2023 Scan also looks at a number of topics not explored in previous scans, including shifting gender norms, biodiversity, literacy and the phenomenon of 'rage farming'.


  • By

    James Stauch, Institute for Community Prosperity

  • Published

    Mar 15, 2023

  • Subject Area
    • Technology
    • Non-profit / Charitable sector
    • Food & Nutritional Support
    • Information, Referral, & Advocacy
  • Audience
    • Academics
    • Funders
    • Government (Politicians, Policy Makers) and Health Authorities
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
  • Category
    • Research & Evidence
    • Policy, Planning, & Procedures
    • Research & Reports
    • Other Topics


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