Tech Policies for Virtual Teams: A Leader’s Responsibility

Jeanne Bell, Karen Graham and Francis Johnson, Nonprofit Quarterly
Description / Summary

This webinar was recorded on September 24, 2020.

Jeanne Bell: Welcome to “Tech Policies for Virtual Teams—A Leader’s Responsibility.” My name is Jeanne Bell. I’m with Nonprofit Quarterly, and I direct our Advancing Practice program. We took August off in the Leadership webinar series, so it feels really good to be back with you and to be back with you with a partner—the first of two webinars we’re going to do with our friends at Tech Impact. And I’ll introduce them, and you’ll learn a little bit more about Tech Impact if you don’t already know about them in a moment.

I’m really pleased that we’re focusing on technology. We haven’t focused on that yet in the program, and I know it goes without saying that with COVID and shelter-in-place, technology is front and center for all of us, even in ways that we didn’t imagine. And it’s very important, we think, that we take some time to take stock now, multiple months in, of how should we be approaching this as leaders. And you see the subtitle of this is “a leader’s responsibility,” so while we are going to go into the specifics of some of the policies, at least at a general level, and we’re going to be providing you with a new guidebook from Tech Impact, we’re also really coming at this from a responsibility perspective: how do I create a culture of responsibility around technology?

So that’s what today is about. And again, we have a second webinar coming up on October 22nd, also with the Tech Impact team, about taking your finance office even more virtual, which is something that so many of our participants have been trying to do.