Show Me the Money? Cash-for-Care Benefits to Support Aging at Home in Canada

Shawna Ladouceur
Description / Summary

The ongoing pandemic has brought to the fore the abysmal state of institutional long-term care (LTC) in Canada.

As evidenced by the devastation, the existing system will not suffice and will certainly not hold against the advancing wave of aging Canadians. While a complete overhaul of institutional care is necessary, increasing support for both formal homecare and informal caregiving could facilitate the preference for aging-in-place at home.

At present, however, with limited access to a fragmented and often confusing home care system, insufficient alternatives can lead to inappropriate institutionalization. The report Assessing Cash-for-Care Benefits to Support Aging at Home in Canada, based on a study conducted by the Institute for Public Policy as a part of their Faces of Aging research program, examines popular cash-for-care benefit programs in Germany and the Netherlands as a possible solution for expanding care options to better support aging at home in Canada.