Seeking Support: The Future of Employee Health

The Conference Board of Canada
Description / Summary

Organizations are at increased risk for disengagement and turnover because their benefits plans do not meet most Canadians’ needs. Discover the top benefits that Canadians really want from their employers.

Document Highlights

For Seeking Support: The Future of Employee Health, employees across Canada were surveyed to examine what they want from their benefits packages and what they are currently offered. The survey results revealed that current employer-provided health benefits plans do not meet employees’ wants or needs. This misalignment puts organizations at increased risk for disengagement and turnover.

Most employees receive only partial coverage for their health benefits. The top benefits that employees want are basic dental services, eye exams, glasses/contacts, a pension, and retirement savings plans. The ranking of these benefits varied significantly by gender, age, and family status. To supplement their benefits, employees wanted flexwork or telework.

From these insights, recommendations are provided for future benefits plans and perks that would better support employees and their health. Future benefits plans should be personalized and cover prevention, virtual healthcare, and telemedicine access as pillars to better attract and retain employees.