ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels

CNIB Foundation
Description / Summary

ScripTalk audible prescription labels enable blind, partially sighted or print-impaired pharmacy patients to hear important prescription label information free of charge.

With ScripTalk, pharmacists can code prescription labels with Radio Frequency Identification technology also known as RFID. Using a small, hand-held, base prescription reader called the ScripTalk Station Reader, you are able to hear important prescription information and instructions read aloud (for example, an audible label). You can also access talking prescription labels by using En-Vision America’s mobile phone application that is compatible with the coded prescription labels.

If your daily routine includes managing pills, injections, or other medications, ScripTalk can enable you to follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist safely and independently. ScripTalk is an accessible way to access the details of your medications, understand the side effects of your medications, and assist you with keeping track of refills.