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[ Resource] Rural and Remote Communities Collection of Resources from Ontario- Age Friendly

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While they focus on each population individually, they recognize the complexities of intersectionality and encourage individuals and communities to consider how each aspect of a person’s identity contributes to their unique experience of aging. They have made a spotlight older adults living in rural and remote communities

The Ontario AFC Planning Guide

The Diverse Populations Addendum is a Government of Ontario document that was produced by the Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program Team. The addendum is one of two companion documents to the Creating a More Inclusive Ontario: Age-Friendly Community Planning Guide for Municipalities and Community Organizations. This resource highlights factors to consider in age-friendly planning and implementation for three populations of older adults. For information on older adults living in small urban and rural communities, visit pages 5-15. 

Publication Year: 2021

Other relevant resources and reports on rural communities

Age Friendly Resources List

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    Ontario- Age Friendly

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    Jan 23, 2024

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