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[Resource] The Nova Scotia Housing Isolation Program builds holistic supports for underhoused populations through unlikely community partnerships

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Health services designed specifically for under-housed and precariously housed populations were not abundant in Nova Scotia prior to COVID-19. For public health practitioners in Nova Scotia (NS), our work around affordable housing, homelessness, and poverty-focused primarily on the policy level, where we worked in partnership with community and government organizations to address housing needs for populations. The public health team within Nova Scotia Health Authority was not prepared to provide direct front-line services to individuals who were housing insecure on the scale needed in the context of an emerging pandemic.

That said, within our health protection work, there was precedence to support isolation for individuals who were managing a communicable disease that requires isolation. This, however, was not a consistent or widespread practice across our system. The magnitude and anticipated disproportionate burden of the mandated public health measures for COVID-19, including isolation, was quickly identified by partners and our system as a significant challenge. It was felt that we had a responsibility to step in and provide supports to help people comply with public health measures. However, with the scale of COVID-19, our existing supports and partnership connections were quickly outpaced by the needs. We were left unprepared and trying to shift in the moment, under pressure, to fill this gap.

Read the full article about the The Nova Scotia Housing Isolation Program here

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    Apr 04, 2024

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