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[Resource] Social Prescribing - Community Implementation Toolkit - May 2024

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Healthy Aging Alberta (HAA) is a rich network of community-based, seniors-serving organizations and allies across the province united by a shared vision: to make Alberta one of the best places in the world to grow older. HAA facilitates social prescribing programs for older adults throughout the province by supporting a consistent approach to service delivery.

Social prescribing is a holistic approach to healthcare that provides a formal referral pathway for healthcare providers to connect patients to community-based services. This provides much-needed assistance – to doctors and patients alike – and bridges the gap between medical and social care services.

This community implementation toolkit contains information and resources for communities to introduce and implement social prescribing for older adults. It outlines the steps required to develop and grow a social prescribing program, including sample materials that can be adapted to the local context.

How to use this toolkit?

Readiness Scale

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social prescribing. This toolkit can be used as a self-assessment tool to support communities to consider where they are now and what they would need to do to be ready to implement successful and sustainable social prescribing.

This toolkit will provide resources for community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and other community partners to feel confident and empowered to introduce social prescribing as a pathway to connect older adults to community-based programs and services.

  • Pre-Contemplation- Action and/or change has not crossed key stakeholders‘ minds in this area

  • Contemplation- Key stakeholders are considering action and/or change in this area

  • Preparation- Key stakeholders are invested in action and/or change in this area

  • Action- Key stakeholders are making actions and/or changes in this area

  • Maintenance- Key stakeholders have made actions and/or changes in this area and are maintaining

Support from Healthy Aging Alberta

Healthy Aging Alberta (HAA) is committed to growing social prescribing programs for older adults across Alberta. We hope to support communities who are interested in starting social prescribing, to move from idea to implementation. As you work through this toolkit, HAA has resources to support you.

  • Coaching support for the Implementation Team
  • Link Worker Training
  • Access to communication materials to share social prescribing information with different stakeholders
  • Invitation to join our Community of Practice meetings and learn from other communities implementing social prescribing
  • A connection to national initiatives like the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing
  • Support and advocacy to system partners for future sustainable funding for social prescribing

Download the toolkit below

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    May 17, 2024

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