Resource Guide for Older Adults at Risk of Going Missing

Calgary Missing Older Adult Resource Network
Description / Summary

This resource guide is a tool to support vulnerable older adults who may be at risk of going missing. The guide incorporates prevention tips, preparedness in the event someone does go missing, available resources and tips for community members if they find someone that has gone missing.

The guide is designed for individuals and caregivers of older adults who have dementia, mental illness, or brain injury, or any other reason that makes them vulnerable. Users are encouraged to refer to the sections that are relevant to their specific situation. Someone going missing is a very stressful situation and being prepared for potential missing “incidents” may help relieve that stress and give a better sense of control for individuals and caregivers. In addition, having information about the missing person readily available can better support responders starting a search.

This resource guide was developed by:

  • The Calgary Missing Older Adult Resource Network (CMOARN) and incorporates work from other jurisdictions and research by Dr. Noelannah Neubauer.

More information about the Collaborative is available at the end of the guide. Feedback is welcome!

To download or order a copy of this guide, visit: OR download the copy that is attached to this CORE post (*two versions of the guide are available for download here: a Calgary Area focused version and a Province Wide focused version)