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Diabetes Deep Dives - Looking for in-depth information on diabetes management? Look no further than Diabetes Deep Dives, our video series that goes beyond the surface to explore the burning questions you have about diabetes. Our engaging experts, who have knowledge or lived experience on the topic, provide practical tips and tools that you can easily use. Our goal is to share information in ways that will spark continued interest and learning and leave you with practical tips and tools that you can easily use. 

Diabetes Open Hours - If you are living with diabetes, you're not alone - it affects millions of Canadians. But it's a complex condition that impacts everyone a bit differently. Do you have questions about managing your diabetes? Diabetes Canada is proud to offer a new initiative specifically for inquiring minds! Diabetes Open Hours is a live, registration-based, virtual series with an ‘ask anything’ feel for people with diabetes to connect with an ‘expert’ guest in a Q&A style session, asking diabetes related questions based on a particular theme or topic. Each session is one hour in length and there is a new expert and a new topic bi-monthly.

Virtual Diabetes Classes -Looking to learn more about diabetes management, but can’t join an in-person class? Join us for our Virtual Diabetes Classes, an online offering from Diabetes Canada for people living with diabetes and their caregivers. These sessions provide participants an opportunity to learn the basics of diabetes management and connect with other people affected by diabetes in an online format.

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    Dec 13, 2023

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