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Report: Understanding and Responding to the Challenges Faced by FCSS Programs in Rural Alberta

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August 22, 2023: Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) Releases Report on FCSS Service Delivery Challenges in Rural Alberta

The report was completed in partnership with the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, and with input provided by the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta and FCSS providers across the province.

For several years, the RMA has heard from members that reduced availability of provincial social services in rural communities combined with stagnation in provincial funding for municipally operated family and community support services has led to unprecedented pressure on Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) agencies to act beyond their mandate.

As social challenges are often over-looked and under-reported in rural Alberta, the RMA prioritized the need to dig deeper into this issue and determine the severity of the issues faced. The RMA partnered with the University of Alberta’s Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC) to develop a report that outlines the issues faced in local rural FCSS programs. The research team conducted 20 semi-structured one-on-one interviews with rural FCSS service providers. Further, the ACSRC designed and sent out a 38-question survey, which received 80 individual responses from FCSS programs across the province.


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    Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities; Rural Municipalities of Alberta

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    Sep 06, 2023

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