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[Report] National Institute on Ageing 2023 survey report

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The National Institute on Ageing 2023 survey report was released January 31,2024,

Most Canadians 50+ have family and friends they can count on, but four in 10 (41%) are at risk of social isolation. Canadians 50+ experience significant unmet home care needs. While only a minority required home care in 2023, among those who did, only 45% said they were able to access needed services all or most of the time. While access improves across older age cohorts, even among Canadians 80+ who report having the fewest unmet needs, only about half (53%) could access the home care services they needed all or most of the time. When asked directly whether they have previously experienced age-based discrimination, about one-third (32%) of Canadians 50+ say they have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment because of their age at some point in their lives. (Executive Summary available in report)

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    Jan 31, 2024

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