RECORDING: Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Age Friendly Communities

Ontario Caregiver Organization
Description / Summary

Age-Friendly Communities (AFCs) optimize opportunities for health and wellbeing by ensuring their policies, planning processes, structures, and services are accessible to and inclusive of people of all ages and abilities. AFCs encourage us to look at how a community’s physical and social environment and health care intersect to impact our health and wellness. This webinar will discuss these characteristics of AFCs and how they can apply to caregivers and caregiving to enable healthy aging in the home and communities.

About our presenter (Dr. John Puxty) Dr. Puxty is an experienced Geriatrician, Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at Queen’s University, and Director of the Centre for Studies in Aging and Health. He has a primary interest in promoting healthy aging and wellness for older adults through his ongoing research in aging, age-friendly communities, memory disorders, and knowledge mobilization strategies.