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RECORDING: Men's Sheds Alberta CORE Group Launch!

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Men's Sheds Alberta launched their new CORE Alberta Group on November 15, 2023 with this event where participants learned how Men's Sheds support the health and well-being of men 18-101.

The session included information on who Men's Sheds Alberta is, how to get involved in their CORE group, as well as the history of Men's Sheds, what they are, why men attend, and how they benefit men with time on their hands.

Join the Men's Sheds Alberta CORE Group (must be signed into your CORE Alberta account to join): https://corealberta.ca/group/mens-sheds-alberta

Not yet a member of Healthy Aging CORE Alberta? Register here: https://corealberta.ca/register

Recording from November 15, 2023.

Men's Sheds Alberta CORE Group Launch!

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    Men's Sheds Alberta CORE Group

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    Nov 20, 2023

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