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RECORDING: Intergenerational Café ~ Ethical Wills

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Carol Kodish-Butt visited the November 8th Intergenerational Café to share her knowledge and experience of Ethical Wills. These are a way to tell our stories and share lessons we’ve learned. Carol is exploring the possibilities of using this process to help generations understand each other and share values, not just valuables!

Since it was an Intergenerational Café, much of the time consisted of open conversation among the participants after Carol explained what Ethical Wills are and how we can benefit.

You can also read more about Ethical Wills in this Alberta Prime Times article featuring Carol Kodish-Butt here.

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Recording from November 8, 2023

Intergenerational Café ~ Ethical Wills

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    CORE Alberta Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice

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    Nov 08, 2023

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