RECORDING - CORE Frailty Series Session 5: More Connection, Better Health - Addressing Emotional Frailty through Intergenerational Programming

CORE Alberta
Description / Summary

You can access the recording HERE.

Please find the slide deck shared during the event attached. 

The CORE Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice hosted a session on March 8, 2022, where three guest speakers spoke about the value of intergenerational friendships, and why intergenerational programs are one way to build positive relationships across different age groups, allowing all generations to benefit from social connection, increased quality of life, self-confidence and social determinants of health.

Guest Speakers:  

  • Celia Li, The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association at
  • Brenda O’Malley, Senior Intergenerational Program Participant
  • Frank MacLeod, Senior Intergenerational Program Participant

Additional Resource: 

About the host: The CORE Intergenerational Linkages Community of Practice aims to bring together committed individuals who have a desire to work collaboratively to learn, share and build capacity and develop intergenerational programs or initiatives in their communities.

About the series: This event is part of the CORE Frailty Series. Check out the other recordings in the series HERE.