Non-Profit Boards and COVID-19: Emerging Stronger

Volunteer Canada
Description / Summary

In Spring 2020 and in managing the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, Volunteer Canada’s blog identified key information on the Board’s role in a crisis and questions around risk management. As we move from crisis management to recovery, both in the short and long term, there continue to be key topics that should be front and centre for boards as they lead and so organizations emerge stronger.

Financial and Human Resource stability remain precarious.

Imagine Canada 2021 Sector Monitor Report indicates that:

  • over 40% of charities have applied for at least one of the three major emergency supports that the federal government introduced in response to COVID-19
  • 1 in 5 charities have applied for the Canada Emergency Business Account
  • 68% of survey respondents note that donations are much less stable
  • 60% of organizations seeing decline in volunteers and half of the charities are reporting that their staff have decreased ability to maintain a work-life balance

This creates an immense strain on an already lean sector and calls for leadership, innovation, new strategies, partnerships, collaborations and deep resilience.