New Video-Based Courses Offered at Norquest College's Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning

NorQuest College
Description / Summary

A series of video-based courses have recently been made available by the Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning at NorQuest College.

Basic Computer Skills: The videos will guide users to learn basic computer skills through stories and practice. Each video is short. After watching the stories and doing the activities, the learner will know how to use your computer for learning.

WebSafe: The aim of this project is to provide newcomers to Canada with knowledge about digital disinformation and to empower them to support family, friends, and community members in dealing with online scams, threats and misinformation.

Digital Literacy: The Digital Literacy course is designed to develop skills and strategies to improve performance in online courses. Digital literacy involves more than basic access, it involves competence and understanding to use technology effectively and critically. Digital literacy skills and strategies are survival skills for a digital era. Digital literacy increases learner confidence and promotes autonomy when learning in an online environment.