Managing Remote Nonprofit Teams: 3 Strategies for HR Reps

Description / Summary

Your nonprofit has learned how to keep its mission moving forward over the past year and half while many, if not all, of your team members have worked remotely. You’ve managed to continue your fundraising events in hybrid and virtual formats and hold remote meetings with major donors.

But having your team work from home comes with challenges. It’s your organization’s job to navigate those challenges carefully in order to keep your team members satisfied with their jobs and retain their talent far into the future. While this navigation requires nonprofit leaders and managers to be on the same page, much of the work falls to your HR team.

To help, we’ve come up with three strategies to optimize your remote HR processes:

  1. Reconfigure your communication expectations.
  2. Watch for signs of potential turnover.
  3. Invest in a dedicated performance management system.

As you incorporate these strategies into your nonprofit’s broader talent management process, it may be helpful to work with a nonprofit HR consultant. A consultant can take a more objective look at how your organization is functioning and give you specific recommendations for improving your employees’ experiences.