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Hope in a Time of Pandemic

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In June 2020, as we entered the third month of lockdown, the world was struggling to come to grips with being plunged into a global pandemic. With regular reports of suffering and death and daily life at a standstill, fear and uncertainty became familiar emotions. Humankind faced a growing sense of social strife it could ill afford as the pandemic revealed the structural fault lines of our societies and tensions emerged over how to navigate the crisis.

To provide some badly needed hope and inspiration, the Association for Canadian Studies partnered with Metropolis Canada, Experiences Canada, Historica and the Social Sciences and Humanities and Research Council (SSHRC) to host a conference coinciding with Canada Day entitled, Stories of Hope: A Celebration of Canada. Bringing together INTRODUCTION BUILDING BONDS IN THE MIDST OF SOLITUDE MIRIAM TAYLOR Miriam Taylor is the Director of Publications and Partnerships at the Association for Canadian Studies and Metropolis Institute. She is the Managing Editor of ACSMetropolis’ flagship publications, Canadian Issues, Canadian Diversity and the recently launched Metropolis eBook. voices of Canadians from diverse communities who have overcome adversity and overwhelming challenges to make Canada a better place, the conference linked us to the past to imagine the future. By forging connections between us and reminding us of our common humanity, the stories also aspired to shed light on some of the vital lessons needed to tackle unprecedented global challenge.


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    Jun 29, 2020

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