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Fundraising Regulation and Compliance in Canada for Registered Charities

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Many Canadian charities fundraise. In total fundraising brings in over $20 billion for Canadian charities every year. Through the dedicated work of volunteers, staff and consultants many Canadian charities fundraise to have resources to conduct their charitable activities. While fundraising is vitally important for the charity sector, fundraising practices of some charities have received regulatory and public scrutiny.

This course will focus on:

  • Why does CRA have a fundraising guidance and what is fundraising?
  • When is fundraising not acceptable?
  • Some of CRA’s key concerns including:
    • Sole‐source fundraising contracts
    • Non‐arm's length fundraising contracts
    • Fundraising initiatives that are not well‐documented
    • Fundraising merchandise purchases that are not at arm's length, not at fair market value, or not purchased to increase fundraising revenue
    • Commission‐based fundraiser remuneration
    • Misrepresentations in fundraising solicitations or in disclosures about fundraising or financial performance



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  • Published

    Feb 03, 2022

  • Subject Area
    • Information, Referral, & Advocacy
    • Organizational Development
    • Funding Development
  • Audience
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Funders
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