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Fraud Resources from CORE Partners

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March is Fraud Prevention month. Healthy Aging CORE Alberta has put together some resources around Fraud from our partners.

Government of Canada has a Little Black Book of Scams in different languages for your clients

Government of Alberta provides resources on Fraud and Scams

12 Community Safety Initiative in Calgary talks about online security and cyber crime. Session was hosted during pandemic but much of the information is still valid.

Connected Canadians talks about Phishing

Connected Canadians talks about Email and Phone Scams

RCMP gives a list of common scams

Canadian Anti Fraud Centre Loan Bulletin

Government of Alberta talks about the difference between elder abuse, bullying, frauds and scams

Healthy Aging CORE Alberta has also put together a list of common scams and the printable bulletins you can use for your work.

For more information visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

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    Mar 14, 2023

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