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Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council developed a declaration for people to sign and agree to. A declaration is a written or spoken statement about what people feel or believe. This seniors-sector (Network) Declaration states the importance of having strong community supports for older adults to age well in their homes of choice. 

Who wrote the Declaration? 

A group of community leaders and volunteers, from the seniors-sector Network, worked together to draft the statement. They also gathered feedback from a wider range of organizations and colleagues. They intend for the Declaration to by widely inclusive and help build a united voice and a commitment to action. 

Why is it important for individuals to sign this Declaration supporting #yegseniors?

We all have older adults in our lives -- friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, and we are all aging ourselves. This senior-sector Declaration is a way for you to support and advocate for older adults to age well in an environment where needs are met, identities are acknowledged, voices are heard, and services are easily accessible.

Sign the Declaration: https://us8.list-manage.com/survey?u=b7b1c0aac699bd706e3bdf45c&id=34c72bb182&attribution=false

Learn More: https://www.seniorscouncil.net/network-declaration

FAQs for individuals: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Miq08QE8yxljZUQslP6dPaOgymtF92mb/view?usp=sharing

FAQs for Organizations: April 05 - Network Declaration FAQs For Organizations (seniorscouncil.net)

Join other leaders and allies of Edmonton’s seniors-serving sector in signing the Declaration and affirming the importance of supporting seniors to age well in community!

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    May 08, 2023

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