Ending Violence Association of Canada

Ending Violence Association of Canada
Description / Summary

Ending Violence Association of Canada (EVA CAN) is a national non-profit organization whose main purpose is to educate and respond to gender based violence at the national level.

For many years those responding to sexual assault, intimate partner violence and child abuse have often been predominantly working in separate sectors. These programs are often in positions of having to compete for a slice of the social policy agenda, for funding and for awareness of the issues.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a complex issue that requires an integrated analysis and a national conversation to include all of the sectors needed to respond or foster prevention.

EVA CAN has formed in response to the need to foster a national voice, to bring together all of the sectors involved in the array of anti-violence issues for national dialogue and action, for collaboration across provinces and territories to develop comprehensive and coordinated responses, for developing and sharing information and best practices, promoting safety of workers in the field, and creating more effective gateways to services.

As a national organization, our work will create a new level of efficiency through building coordination and collaboration with and between the many systems that are key to responding to GBV. These systems include criminal and family justice, health and social service systems, educational institutions, as well as corporations and provincial or territorial organizations.

EVA Canada is not a direct service organization, and does not provide individual counselling, crisis response, or other forms of direct service. If you require the support in Alberta of a shelter, crisis line, counselling, or another direct service please review resources below or visit our Getting Help page.