Elder Abuse Educational Needs Survey for Service Providers results

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council (AEAAC)
Description / Summary

The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council (AEAAC) shared the results of the Elder Abuse Educational Needs Survey for Service Providers it conducted in August.

The top 10 topics identified are:

  1. How to reduce recidivism
  2. Overview of the legislative laws that apply to elder abuse
  3. Shelters (four different models for supporting seniors)
  4. Cultural practice
  5. Elder abuse assessment (risk assessment, psycho social)
  6. Supportive relationships (how to support perpetrators of elder abuse)
  7. Intimate partner violence topics (predatory marriage)
  8. Justice system (police, crown, court, restorative justice) tied with protective laws and policies (Powers of Attorney)
  9. Developing approaches to reconnect in program planning and outcomes tied with It’s Not Right: Neighbours, Friends, and Families for Older Adults
  10. Emergency Protection Orders and the role of police tied with safety planning and developing a coordinated community response

The frequency that people wanted to receive training was every one to three months, and the method of training they felt would best meet their needs was through webinars and online courses. 

For further information, please download the AEAAC Educational Needs Survey Report.