Canada Carer Well-Being Index: Who Cares for Carers? Perspectives on COVID-19 Pressures and Lack of Support

Embracing Carers, EMD Serono
Description / Summary

According to the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO), there are more than 63 million carers internationally*. In order to illuminate the challenges carers face, Embracing Carers , a collaboration with leading carer organizations around the world, conducted a Global State of Care survey in 2018 to determine the unmet needs of carers and the impact that caring for others has on their own health and well-being. The collaboration and key findings from the research sought to increase awareness, discussion and action about the often-overlooked needs of people who provide unpaid care for others.

Around the globe, many of the stresses on carers have long existed, but in 2020, the uncertainty of the pandemic has made them even greater for carers across countries. It has significantly affected global healthcare systems and has caused substantial disruption for unpaid carers around the world, in ways that put their economic, physical and psychological well-being at risk.

In producing the 2020 Carer Well-Being Index, Embracing Carers aims to detail the ways in which the pandemic disproportionally harms carers around the globe—and to identify key societal solutions and specific actions that can address their needs during the pandemic and beyond.