Can past traumas hinder the ability to age in place?

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Description / Summary

"Aging in place" is the preference of most people because they want to maintain the comfort of their home, and stay in their community. But the decision to age in place or to move is not so simple.

A systematic review looked at the factors influencing the housing decision-making of frail older adults over the age of 65 (and without cognitive impairment).

This review identified 88 factors influencing decision-making, ranging from considerations related to health and access to care, finances, the built environment, but also psychological and psychosocial considerations.

The idea of ​​aging in place can take on a whole new meaning for people who have experienced trauma such as neglect, oppression, sexual abuse, violence, complicated grief, or any other extremely difficult life event. Indeed, the living environment can amplify or reactivate these harrowing experiences.