AVAT – Adult Vaccination Advocacy Toolkit

Vaccines4Life, International Federation on Ageing
Description / Summary

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) will be launching the Adult Vaccine Advocacy Toolkit (AVAT) in 2022 as a way to influence and help shape policy to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination, with a goal of helping to build the capacity and capabilities of civil society organizations. The objectives that IFA has with the AVAT are:

1. To provide an overview of the adult vaccination landscape that includes barriers to improving uptake rates.
2. To describe the main policy issues that may impact decisions about vaccination at an individual and population level.
3. To describe policy approaches and build associated knowledge assets to promote adult vaccination by addressing specific barriers experienced by older people.
4. To help build the capacity of civil society to effectively influence vaccination policy through evidence informed practices.

Be part of a global community to improve uptake rates of adult vaccination! Promote, use, and send examples of good practice and feedback. Help make the AVAT come alive! As accompanying resources, watch the AVAT webinar "Empowering civil society to address policies that constitute barriers for improving adult vaccination rates.”