Alberta’s Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Model - Infographic and Fact Sheet

Government of Alberta
Description / Summary

A Coordinated Community Response (CCR) model involves a group of organizations and/or service providers working together to achieve common goals related to addressing elder abuse. These may include coordinating services for those affected by elder abuse, effective prevention strategies, and increased safety and security of older people in Alberta.

To address elder abuse in Alberta, the provincial government has provided support toward the development and enhancement of CCRs:

  • In 2021-22, the Government of Alberta provided $750,000 in grant funding to the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council to support the provision of case management services for 16 CCRs across the province.
  • June 2019, Seniors and Housing released the Addressing Elder Abuse: A Toolkit for Developing a CCR, to support existing and new communities in developing or enhancing a CCR model to prevent and address elder abuse.
  • The 2015-2018 Taking Action Against Elder Abuse CCR grant program provided $3.6 million to 31 communities in Alberta to support the development or enhancement of local CCRs.

In 2020, Alberta Seniors and Housing evaluated the CCR model and created two products - an infographic and fact sheet - to share information on this promising practice in Alberta.