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This website will be of interest to organizations which support and/or deliver intergenerational programs in their communities. The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) is a network of community mentoring agencies, government, and youth working together to raise the profile of mentoring in Alberta. AMP exists to help schools and mentoring agencies meet the needs of the children and youth they serve.

To help promote mentoring opportunities, the AMP has prepared information for community-based senior serving organizations to include in your newsletters or other communication you have with the older adults you serve. You can link directly to the promotion materials here, which can be printed on legal or letter size paper if this is better suited to your needs.

By providing access to mentoring resources and toolkits, training materials, and research, AMP builds the capacity of school and agency partners to deliver great mentorship programming.

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    Aug 27, 2020

  • Subject Area
    • Social Connectedness / Social Isolation
    • Education, Recreation, & Arts
    • Ageism
    • Volunteer Management
  • Audience
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Health Authorities
    • Caregivers, Seniors & Volunteers
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