Age-Friendly Calgary Social Isolation Awareness Campaign

Age-Friendly Calgary
Description / Summary

Age-Friendly Calgary and partners have come together to create a Social Isolation Awareness Campaign that offers resources and information for people to get involved throughout the year.

#Stayconnectedyyc promotes awareness and support of older adults who may be socially isolated. The campaign helps to educate Calgarians about the impacts of social isolation on older adults, and facilitates connections by providing resources and ideas to those who want to get involved. It also promotes how we can all play a role in making meaningful social connections, whether it’s you, a neighbour, a friend, or a family member who is at risk of social isolation.

The campaign wants to empower:

  • Older adults to learn about the risks of social isolation, make meaningful connections with others in your community, find ideas and opportunities for staying connected, and help others who might be feeling disconnected.
  • Calgarians to learn about the risks of social isolation, find ideas for making meaningful connections, and to reach out and connect with older adults in your own life.

Here are some ways to support the campaign and to share with your networks:

Make Connections

Amplify the campaign

  • Like, Follow, and Share the #Stayconnectedyyc Facebook page
  • Share your stories about making connections during the pandemic tagging the #Stayconnected Facebook page
  • Tell us about your programs, activities or ideas that we should share back to people through the Campaign Facebook page by contacting
  • Please contact Sian Jones if you would like to use a Content Calendar to support your amplification efforts.