The Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector - Report #1

Government of Canada
Description / Summary

The Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (the ACCS) was established in 2019 as a new consultative forum for promoting meaningful dialogue between the charitable sector and the Government of Canada, in particular the Canada Revenue Agency (the CRA) and the Department of Finance. 

A New Context

The context for the work of the ACCS, and the conditions facing the charitable and the broader nonprofit sector, changed radically with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The ACCS turned its attention immediately to the urgent and challenging ways in which the crisis was affecting charities. The pandemic put a spotlight on the consequences of the financial fragility of many charities, including lack of reserve funds, insufficient investments in technology and digital infrastructure, dependence on older volunteers and lack of data capacity. You can read the full report and list of recommendations HERE