Adult Vaccination Mentorship Program

International Federation on Ageing
Description / Summary

The International Federation on Ageing is pleased to share a ground-breaking and innovative program.

The Adult Vaccination Mentorship Program at IFA Project ECHO is a multi-session course to improve the skills of organizations to educate, promote and talk about adult immunization.

This learning opportunity will build the capacity and capability of civil society organizations as champions of adult immunization.

Participants have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of vaccination, equity and communication, as well as peers, in order to contribute to improving rates of vaccination for those most at-risk.

Experts include:

  • Ms. Lucie Bucci (Immunize Canada)
  • Mr. Radu Ganescu (Coalition of organisations for patients with chronic conditions of Romania)
  • Dr. Daphne Holt (Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation)
  • Dr. Jane Barratt (International Federation on Ageing).

The first session took place on the connection between healthy ageing and adult vaccination and we invite you to view the post-session resources, including a lecture from Dr. Jean-Pierre Michel, Professor of Medicine at Geneva University Medical School.