Activitiy Buddies - Care Centre/School Programs during the pandemic

LINKAges Society
Description / Summary

Due to the pandemic, LINKages has adapted their exisitng programming and has created new programs to continue to connect youth and seniors in new and creative ways. A new Care Centre/School-based program has been developed called "Activities Buddies" that allows youth to connect with a senior through activity sheets twice a month (examples attached), that are designed for students to have fun telling their senior friend about themselves. LINKages works with 15 schools and 14 senior care facilities - each school is paired up with a care centre. And each student in the program is paired up with a senior for the entire duration of the program (November to May), and that way seniors can get to know their student friend. Through a school liaison, LINKages collects the completed activities sheets from the schools and delivers them to the designated care center. Each senior has a designated duotang where the correspondence they recieve from the students is added by the care centre staff, and everything that senior recieved from their youth friend is in one place for them to enjoy.   

In most cases, the seniors won't be able to reply, as they are in long-term care settings, but for those seniors who are able to reply, LINKages provides a copies of the activities for the seniors to complete and these are delivered to designated students through the school liaision.

For more information on this brand new program, please contact Crystal Guzman, LINKages Program Coordinator